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With UPS as your provider of export shipping services, you'll have one of the most extensive transportation and logistics networks in the world to help you with your exporting needs. UPS delivers three times a day between the world's major business centers. So, you can select delivery at the time of day that is best for you and your customers.

Here are some important questions to consider when you decide you want to start exporting or expand your export business:

What are the three most common reasons international shipments are delayed or held?

Your international shipment may be delayed if:

  • Shipment contains items that are prohibited or restricted by UPS
  • There is missing, incomplete or incorrect documentation
  • Shipment exceeds country-specific weight and size limits

Avoid delays and holds by following these simple guidelines:

  • Verify for export – make certain that UPS doesn't restrict or prohibit shipment of your goods
  • Determine and complete suggested export documentation using UPS TradeAbility
  • Determine the weight and size of your shipment
  • Next, compare weight and size with the limitations specified for your destination using the Country Regulations tool

Can UPS deliver my shipment to its destination?

UPS delivers to more than 200 countries and territories around the world. Use our time and cost calculator to determine the UPS services that are available for your desired destination.

Does UPS have any specific requirements that would restrict or prohibit my shipment?

Ensure that UPS doesn't restrict or prohibit the shipment of your items. Some items, such as alcohol, weapons and animals may be prohibited, restricted or require a U.S. government license. See a complete list of items that UPS restricts or prohibits.

Does the U.S. government allow trade with the party or parties with whom I desire to trade?

UPS can help you identify individuals, businesses or countries with whom the U.S. government restricts trade.

Is my shipment considered a package or a document?

One of the first things you should do before shipping a package outside the U.S. is determine if your shipment is a package or a document. Different countries classify documents differently, and those classifications aren't always straightforward. For example, in some countries, blank CD-ROMS are treated as non-documents, while those containing data are considered documents.

UPS can help you make the document versus non-document determination and learn about other regulations that are specific to the country in which you are conducting business.

What documentation is required for my shipment?

The number and kind of documents needed to export your product may vary by destination or by the shipment's contents since each country has different regulations. Errors or omissions in documentation could result in delays or holds. UPS TradeAbility offers a variety of forms for your international shipments. UPS can help you decide which export forms you need if you simply answer a few questions. You can complete export forms online or browse the library of downloadable forms.

The U.S. Commercial Service is another valuable resource to help you with documentation or other exporting questions.

UPS Paperless Invoice can help you streamline international shipping by transmitting your commercial invoice electronically, eliminating the need to print and attach copies to your shipment.

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UPS Paperless Invoice

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UPS TradeAbility:

A great tool for exporting

For harmonized tariff codes, landed cost estimates or up-to-date compliance information, UPS TradeAbility is an effective information source. Plus, the entire portfolio of TradeAbility services is available free of charge to all customers.

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