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Know the facts about importing

If you're ready to import products, UPS offers more time-definite, customs-cleared delivery options than anyone, whether you require 8 a.m. delivery, economical end-of-day delivery or something in between.

With one of the world's largest, most technologically advanced customs brokerage networks, UPS can:

  • Provide routine customs clearance automatically with all express delivery options at no additional charge
  • Handle your brokerage every step of the way, eliminating third-party brokers
  • Share our insider's knowledge of country regulations

To work with UPS for all of your importing needs, simply inform your overseas suppliers you want them to ship with UPS, provide them with a UPS Routing Form, then leave the rest up to us. That frees you up to take care of what's important – your business.

Here are some important questions to consider when you decide you want to start importing or expanding your import needs:

Does UPS have any specific requirements that would restrict or prohibit import of my shipment?

Some items, such as alcohol, plants or live animals, may be prohibited or restricted for shipment by UPS.

In addition, when you select the United States as your destination country, you can use the Country Regulations tool to determine:

  • Acceptable billing options
  • Prohibited or restricted items
  • Document versus non-document classification
  • Commodity-specific requirements
  • Special clearance requirements
  • Invoice requirements
  • Weight and size limits

Does the U.S. government allow trade with the party or parties with whom I want to trade?

UPS can help you identify individuals, businesses or countries with whom the U.S. government restricts trade.

What is the cost of my shipment?

Landed costs typically consist of shipping charges (including any fuel surcharges), insurance, duties and taxes. UPS can help you estimate landed costs using UPS TradeAbility.

Is my supplier accurately describing the goods I'm buying?

You're responsible for accurate, complete descriptions of the goods you're buying from the overseas supplier. Be certain your supplier provides appropriate codes and information about the goods on the shipment's commercial invoice.

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Importing with UPS

Access tools and resources on to make importing easier.

UPS TradeAbility:

A great tool for importing

For harmonized tariff codes, landed cost estimates or up-to-date compliance information, UPS TradeAbility is an effective information source. Plus, the entire portfolio of UPS TradeAbility services is available free of charge to all customers.

Financing for Imports

UPS Capital provides the financing you need to import inventory and ensures your business has the cash flow for continued growth.